Top Romantic Gifts This Christmas

Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year, whether you’re ice-skating under twinkling lights or cosying up on the sofa in front of the fire. 

Thanks to festive romcoms, many of us believe we should be spending the season finding someone to kiss under the mistletoe or serenading them with a Christmas ballad. But you don’t have to have perfectly-timed snowfall to be romantic over the holidays.

  • Forever rose

  • Giving the gift of a forever rose, for instance, is incredibly romantic, as it lasts far longer than fresh roses. In fact, they can survive for years, meaning your partner will enjoy its beauty Christmas after Christmas. 

    Opt for a classic red rose, as these are synonymous with romance and love. 

  • Personalised prints

  • Getting something personal for your loved one will always go down well, so why not buy a custom-made print? This could include facts about your relationship, such as where you met, a portrait of the two of you, or your wedding date. It is definitely something they’ll put on the wall and appreciate every day.  

  • Weekend away

  • It can be hard to maintain the romance after years of being together, especially if you have children. So why not spoil your partner by booking a weekend away for the two of you? You could go somewhere that has a significant meaning to you both, or pick somewhere entirely new that you’ve always wanted to explore together. 

    This gives you something to look forward to in the new year when the Christmas festivities come to an end.