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Article: What To Give As A 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift?

What To Give As A 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift? - Jednay Roses

What To Give As A 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift?

Not many people can say they have been married for 50 years, nor can a lot of couples hope to last 50 years with their spouses these days, thanks to getting hitched later in life. So, it is important to honour this special event with a timeless anniversary gift. 

Being married for 50 years is otherwise known as the golden anniversary, which is why gold is the traditional present to give to your husband or wife when you hit the milestone. 

Golden jewellery is the usual choice for women, while husbands might receive gold watches. Some couples might prefer to get themselves something for their home, from a golden dinnerware set to gold-plated light fittings. 

While friends and family will probably opt for something other than gold to get the loved-up pair, it will still be special. 

For instance, they could purchase a personalised bottle of Champagne, a glass vase with an inscription, or a special photo frame to put a picture of the married couple. 

Another great gift is a suede box of infinity roses that last for several years, as they have been cleverly preserved. This present can become a beautiful part of the home décor, reminding the happy couple how long their love for each other has lasted and how hard they have worked at keeping their marriage alive. 

These roses typically last around three years, so friends and family could easily replace the box when it comes round to celebrating the 60th wedding anniversary.  

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