Black Velvet Square - Deep Blue Sea Eternal Roses


Real roses that can last for up to and beyond 1 year!

The ultimate long lasting luxury floral gift for your loved one, home or workplace.

Featuring 4 Jednay Infinity roses (last up to a year) perfectly encased in our signature handcrafted display box.

All of our luxury roses are real fresh cut roses which have been specially treated, meaning that they'll retain their luxurious fresh cut look for up to and beyond one whole year.. without water!

100% Real Preserved Roses.

Lasts approximately 1-2 years.

No water or maintenance required.

Handcrafted display box.

Blank or handwritten gift card included.

Care guide included.

Approximate box size 11x11x11cm

Please note that our luxury roses are fixed into their display boxes and are not meant for vases.

To maximise the life of your roses simply avoid moisture and direct sunlight and keep at room temperature.



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