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Article: How To Give Your Child A Disney-Inspired Bedroom

How To Give Your Child A Disney-Inspired Bedroom - Jednay Roses

How To Give Your Child A Disney-Inspired Bedroom

Children’s tastes come and go, but something most kids love for years on end is Disney. So, if you are planning on redecorating your little one’s bedroom inspired by the best Disney books and films, here are some tips.


  • Beauty And The Beast Boudoir

Embrace their love for all things Beauty and the Beast by making the bedroom their very own castle. Paint the walls in vibrant blue and rich gold, invest in a lavish four-poster bed and buy some vintage French décor, such as white wooden dresser with detailed carvings and handles. 

Of course, you have to complete the look with Belle roses, a rose that stays alive forever in a glass dome.


  • Encanto Magical Bedroom

Encanto is one of Disney’s biggest releases of the last few years, earning $256.5 million (£212.87 million) in the box office alone. So, it’s not surprising that girls and boys everywhere are asking for their bedroom to be recreated into Mirabel’s amazing magical house.

In fact, it is so popular that Crown paints has teamed with Disney to develop palettes inspired by the movie for four of the main characters, Mirabel, Antonio, Isabela, and Julieta.

After painting the room in the appropriate shade, make sure you fill it with plenty of flowers and lilacs for Isabela, brightly-coloured accessories for Mirabel, animal teddies for Antonio, and rich earthy décor if you little one loves Julieta.


  • Rapunzel’s tower

Most girls have tried to grow their hair as long as Rapunzel’s at some point in their lives, so why not let them really feel like the Disney character with a Tangled-themed room?

Colour their walls in pale purple, add fairy lights for magical lanterns, and get a bunk bed to recreate that tower feel.

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