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Article: Why Autumn Shows The Value Of Forever Roses

Why Autumn Shows The Value Of Forever Roses - Jednay Roses

Why Autumn Shows The Value Of Forever Roses

During the summer, it may be easy to overlook the value of forever roses. Why, some might ask, should a rose that lasts for years be treated as something so special when there are so many new, fresh roses to enjoy every spring and summer?

The answer to that question is fast approaching. The fact is that, outside climates that stay warm all year round, natural, non-hybrid roses bloom but once a year

For most this happens in spring, with a few sub-species emerging in summer and a few types that can bloom in southern parts of the UK as late as October, but that is as far as it goes. The natural time to see a rose in full bloom is when the days are long and gardeners are revelling in the colourful results of the previous year’s planting and cultivation work.

During the summer, it might seem obvious that a freshly-picked rose would be ideal for a romantic, sympathetic or celebratory gesture. But that time is rapidly drawing to a close. 

To be able to give a rose that lasts at any time of the year is to have the capacity to communicate florally all kinds of positive sentiments. Moreover, it may be more heart-warming when the verdant colours of summer have given way to the golden carpet of falling leaves and most rose bushes, like the trees, look increasingly bare.

The fact is that the sentiments roses can exemplify will be ones that you may have occasion to express throughout the year. This is particularly true of love, since this is anything but seasonal and the most romantic day of the year is in February. Yet other occasions, from birthdays to bereavements, also occur throughout the year.

What is more, a forever rose does not just act as a message on the day it is given. By lasting for years, it can remain as a perennial reminder of a kind, enduring sentiment that will be as heart-warming on the coldest winter’s day as it will when other roses are newly in bloom on a sunny day next spring.  

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