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Article: How Red Roses Can Make Weddings Greener

How Red Roses Can Make Weddings Greener - Jednay Roses

How Red Roses Can Make Weddings Greener

Now we are heading into summer, people all over the country will be preparing for weddings. That will probably include other people’s nuptials, but it may also involve your own.

If you are involved in planning a wedding, be it for yourself or someone else’s, there will be all manner of things to arrange and major considerations such as the budget, the guest list and hiring a photographer.

However, for some, there is also the question of the environment. This might often be overlooked, but Luxury London has published a ‘green wedding guide’ in which it highlights ways in which you can lower the carbon footprint, plastic use and general waste produced by the occasion.

Among the suggestions was that air miles and emissions could be saved by only using locally-sourced fresh flowers instead of blooms imported from overseas. Alternatively, pot plants could be used for decorations and then given to guests to take home.

While these are good ideas, an option that seems to have been overlooked is to get long-lasting roses. By definition, these will be around long after the wedding day and it simply needs someone to take care of them while the happy couple (which may be you) go on honeymoon.

A great benefit of this, of course, is that when the couple gets back from their holiday they can go on enjoying the roses, which can be a wonderful reminder of the happiest day of their lives.

Roses are, of course, hugely appropriate for weddings, being a symbol of love. Indeed, in the past many weddings contained a ‘rose ceremony’. This was where a husband and wife would present each other with a single red rose to signify their love, just before the formal proclamation that they were “man and wife”.

Some wedding traditions persist and some change, but in the 21st century where being as green as possible is a key consideration for the way many folk live, long-lasting roses may be a great way to apply floral decoration to the special day.

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