Are the roses real?
Yes. All of our luxury one year roses are just that, real fresh cut roses that have been preserved.
Can you create bespoke displays?
Yes absolutely, just email us at or message us via social media and if possible we’ll create your 
perfect display.
How long does delivery take?
UK 1-3 DAYS *Various options available 
Please note these timescales can change
depending on workload, time of year etc,
but our current delivery times will be shown at checkout.
Will there be a receipt sent with the roses?
No, all of our roses are sent billing info free.
Where do you deliver to?
We deliver our roses to most countries around the world.
UK £4.95 (FREE OVER £60)
How long can they last?
Treated with care and in the correct surroundings your roses should last for a year, but can last for up to 4 years.
How do they last so long?
All of our roses are cut at their most perfect form, they then go through a clever preservation process which involves removing the sap and rehydrating it with 100% natural ingredients, thus helping them to retain their beautiful fresh cut look for up to and beyond a year.
How much water do they need?
Absolutely none at all, just follow this simple care guide which is included with every box.
Never water your preserved roses
Keep them away from direct sunlight
Keep them at room temperature
Avoid handling as they are very delicate
I have allergies, will they affect me?
No. This is one of the many advantages of preserved roses as all the pollen vanishes as part of the preservation process, so no more sneezing or itchy eyes for hay fever sufferers.
Do they have any scent?
No, this is lost during preservation.
Can I take the roses out of their box?
Our roses are fixed into their box and are not designed to be removed, our stunning handcrafted boxes are just as beautiful as the roses they display and complement them perfectly. 
How big are the roses?
Roses are a natural product therefore vary in size, but our roses are always between 5cm and 6cm in diameter and Belle roses are approximately 10cm.
Can the roses go outside?
No, our luxury preserved roses are meant for interior décor and are not suitable for outdoors.
What colours do you have?
Our current colour palette is as follows..
Classic Red
Red Red Wine
Lemon Yellow
Soft Pink
Hot Pink
Pink Crush
Pink Blush
Pinky Dot
Peppermint Tea
Deep Forrest Green
Sunset Orange
Lilac Love
Purple Rain
Tiffany Blue
Sky Blue
Deep Blue Sea
Pink meets Lilac
Angel White
Steel Grey
Midnight Black
Ice Cream Swirl
Colour Burst
Over The Rainbow
Going For Gold
Rose Gold
Silver Glam
Glitter Red
Glitter Pink
Glitter Blue
Glitter Black
Glitter White
New colours are being added all the time!
If you have any other questions please ask away..