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Article: Post-Valentine Reasons For Roses

Post-Valentine Reasons For Roses - Jednay Roses

Post-Valentine Reasons For Roses

There can be no doubt that the best day of the year to give a loved one a box of real roses is Valentine’s Day. Everywhere one looks in early February, the roses, hearts and cards everywhere act not only as a reminder, but also reflect the expectation that some romantic gifts are on the way.

However, now that date has come and gone, what other reason could there be for handing out roses? The Welsh version of Valentine’s Day, St Dwynwen’s Day, is even earlier in the year on January 25th, so that’s gone too. 

The good news is there are still lots of other great times to give roses as romantic gifts, even if they are not national or global celebrations of romance.

Birthdays are the most obvious, because these can happen at any time of year. The occasion is a great one whether romantic or not, as it does not have to be for the one you are romantically connected with. Female family members will appreciate the gift just as much.

For someone you are married to, your wedding anniversary is another very obvious day to give roses, as a sign of your undying affection. 

Alternatively, if you are at the opposite end of the marital journey, roses may go very well with an engagement ring as you take your first steps on that journey.

Roses of various colours have different meanings, so it is not always about red. For example, yellow roses are a sign of platonic friendship. Pink conveys admiration and elegance, with deep pink representing gratitude. Peach roses are for thank-you’s and green roses (which can very rarely occur naturally) may be used for spiritual occasions - or St Patrick’s Day!

All this goes to show that giving red roses on February 14th may be just one of many occasions when you might give one or more roses as a gift this year.

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