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Article: A Guide To Preserving Roses

A Guide To Preserving Roses - Jednay Roses

A Guide To Preserving Roses

Everyone loves roses, don’t they? Not only are they beautiful, smell amazing and come in a variety of colour options, but they also have many meanings that go beyond just the romantic. 

Whether you have received roses for a special occasion, or simply want to display the goods your garden has provided, preserving these flowers is a fantastic way to enjoy them for longer. 

Pressing has been a popular method of preserving for a long time. It’s a great way to preserve flowers and can even allow you to give them a new lease of life in craft projects. Pressing removes the moisture from the flower in order to preserve it.

It takes several weeks and frequent maintenance to press flowers, however, the finished product is a beautifully preserved and flat flower that can be displayed in frames or used in crafts. However, this option may not be suitable if you don’t wish to flatten your roses. 

Drying roses is another method of preservation that allows for the flower to remain open and full. This method also takes significantly less time than pressing and if done correctly can even preserve the vibrant colour of your flowers. 

Resin is a popular option for those wishing to preserve flowers in a physical object. The resin cures around the rose, preventing it from degrading as it no longer has access to the air. 

This method gives beautiful results with minimal damage to the appearance and colour of the rose but also leaves the flower inaccessible, meaning any rose you choose to preserve with resin will be encased for life. 

Many people choose to preserve flowers, however, there is always going to be at least some damage or degradation when using these methods. A fantastic alternative to these is infinity roses. 

These are made to last and can stay beautiful and fresh for a very long time, without the need to self-preserve, meaning you can enjoy your flower as it is given for as long as you want.

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