How To Decorate Your Home With Flowers

Having a beautiful floral arrangement in your home can bring happiness and life into any room, but there are more ways to incorporate flowers into your interiors than just simply displaying them in a vase. 

Whether you choose to use real or faux blooms, adding that special touch of nature can be the perfect accessory to bring a homely feel to your space. 

While a tabletop vase may be your go-to option, experimenting with large standing vases on the floor and adding tall greenery and florals can be a gorgeous statement decoration that can fill empty spaces with the perfect natural accessory. 

Dried and pressed flowers also add a lovely touch. These can be displayed in a vase as well, but you may want to do something a little different. Hanging dried bunches can create a beautiful, handmade garland that is both decorative and elegant. 

Pressed flowers can be displayed in frames and used as artwork. You can collect your own flowers to press and arrange yourself for a meaningful and personalised DIY decoration for your home. 

If you want to add some floral fun to the exterior of your home, hanging baskets and window boxes are a beautiful way to showcase a range of different flowers and plants that are visible from your windows inside as well. 

Infinity roses and preserved flowers are a stunning way to add a more permanent floral touch to your space. These flowers last for a very long time and often come in their own decorative boxes and displays, making them the perfect centerpiece for any tabletop or mantle. 

Preserved flowers can also save you money on replacing fresh blooms regularly and due to them being preserved rather than dried, they maintain their gorgeous colour and fullness, soyou get to experience their beauty for many years.