What Makes Red Roses So Romantic?

Roses, specifically red roses, have been a symbol of love and romance for what seems like an eternity. But why are these beautiful flowers so romantic? What are the stories behind this universal symbol of love and passion?

The reason these flowers are such a staple for love actually goes back very far in history, all the way back to ancient Greece! The Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite is the source.

According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite was so beautiful that flowers, specifically roses, grew wherever she walked. This led to them becoming symbolic of her, and therefore of love and romance.

Similarly, Adonis the god of desire was said to have been killed while hunting and when he died, his blood stained the white roses around him red. This again played into the idea that roses were symbolic of desire and passion.

Ancient Greece was the birthplace of many modern-day beliefs and symbols so it is no surprise that the origin of the red rose of romance originated here also.

This continued throughout history, roses were given by middle age knights to their lovers and wives as a symbol of love and romance and they were also frequently used in romantic artwork of the era.

It was around this time that Valentine's Day increased in popularity and red roses were a frequent gifting choice for those wishing to show their love to their valentine. This is not too dissimilar to how we give valentines gifts today.

Modern-day valentine’s gifts still focus heavily on red roses, but we now have access to options such as infinity roses and other long-lasting forever gifts. Roses are not gifted in abundance alongside other extravagant displays, however, the sentiment remains the same.