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Article: A Colour Guide For Giving Roses As A Gift

A Colour Guide For Giving Roses As A Gift - Jednay Roses

A Colour Guide For Giving Roses As A Gift

Roses are beautiful flowers that come in an array of different colours, but did you know that different coloured roses have different meanings? 

You may think roses are typically a romantic flower given on Valentine’s Day. However, you can gift them for any occasion! 

Roses can be given individually, as a larger display or also incorporated into decorative pieces as gifts. Infinity roses are particularly popular, as they last for a very long time. This means you can give the gift of beautiful flowers without worrying about their longevity. 

Red roses are probably the first that come to mind, with their gorgeous, strong colour and beautiful scent. Anyone would be lucky to receive them as a gift. Red is a colour that is associated with love, passion, lust and romance. Red roses are the perfect gift for a significant other, for a valentine or to send to a secret lover to express your desire. 

White roses are in stark difference. With their delicate, powder white petals they are symbolic of innocence and purity. Favoured at weddings for their clean, fresh aesthetic, they are also a fitting gift for many celebratory occasions. 

However, white flowers also often symbolise remembrance and loss, therefore making them a suitable stem to give to friends or family who have experienced the loss of a loved one, or as a funeral gift. 

Pink roses are just as beautiful as their counterparts, with all the beauty of a stunning red rose mixed with the delicate softness of white. Pink roses are symbolic of elegance, femininity and joy, making them the perfect gift for any special person in your life. 

Yellow, meanwhile, is a colour that is often associated with happiness, friendship and joy. These roses are bright, bold and radiant and are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. 

The positive associations with the colour mean yellow roses will make a lovely gift for anyone, friend or family and are fitting for many occasions, whether it be a birthday or just to say a lovely thank you.

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