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Article: Looking For Non-Traditional Anniversary Presents?

Looking For Non-Traditional Anniversary Presents? - Jednay Roses

Looking For Non-Traditional Anniversary Presents?

There are likely to be lots of married couples celebrating their anniversaries over the coming months, as summer is the most popular time of the year to tie the knot. So if you’re looking for an idea of what to get your husband or wife, and don’t want to go for the traditional wedding gifts of paper, cotton, leather and so on, read our great suggestions.


  • Infinity roses

Traditionally, brides and grooms give each other a present that represents a different material depending on how many years they have been married. However, lots of couples find it hard to find a romantic gift made from something like tin, pottery, wood or fruit, which is why more and more are bucking the trend and opting for their own special gift.

When it comes to romantic tokens, there is nothing more passionate than infinity roses that can last years, reminding brides and grooms of their special day each and every anniversary. A preservation process means the handpicked roses can appear fresh for up to five years, giving you plenty of time to think of your next gift.


  • Unique experience

Your wedding day will probably be the most special day of your life, so it is hard to recreate the magical feeling of that special occasion. However, you could still have a great day out by spoiling your better half with a unique experience.

Why not go llama trekking, enjoy a stargazing night, attend a chocolate-making workshop or have fun on an immersive murder mystery train ride?


  • A fill-in journal

Another romantic gift that won’t break the bank is a journal that you fill in together, recounting your history so far.

“Starting with the day [you] met and taking [you] through cherished moments [you’ve] spent together, the story of us is a fill-in journal that acts as a reminder of the newlyweds’ love story,” Hitched describes.

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